Somalia benefits from Futuro III course in Dar Es Salaam

There has been a very colourful ceremony which marked the end of a 6 day-long FIFA Futuro III course for referee instructors from English speaking African countries which assembled veteran instructors including three from the lawless Somalia whose youngsters gave Sudan a painful home defeat to knock it out of the African junior qualifying competition on Friday.

Somali Football Federation secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab welcomed the course saying that for Somalia it was very important presently. “Somalia is one of the growing football countries in the world and it is currently emerging from years of conflicts, so such course may help us in terms of increasing the quality and quantity of our referees” Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab told the media Saturday.

“Each year we hold at least one FIFA level refereeing or coaching course and at least six local courses for coaches, referees and football administrators—refereeing is the sector we gave much priority, because it is the department of justice for football competitions and that is why we prioritise it” the SFF secretary General said adding that the SFF will increase the number of its local refereeing courses.

The course was two parts one for fitness instructors in which Abdi Abdulle Ahmed represented Somalia while, Ali Mohamed Ahmed and Salad Osman Mohamed represented Somalia in the technical instructor course which came to an end today.

“Actually we learnt more from the courses which were very useful to us at the moment in terms of increasing our knowledge and experience in refereeing and I am sure that learning from such courses is more helpful to the refereeing growth in our country” Somali Football Federation education officer and referee instructor Ali Mohamed Ahmed told the media on Saturday.

“Rather than refereeing knowledge, we were taught other important lessons regarding to information technology, because the IT is more important for us while teaching at our local courses during which we have to use laptops, projectors and other key electronic devices” education officer Ali Mohamed Ahmed noted.

The Somali referee instructors are transit at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta international airport over night and will be back home on Sunday morning.


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