Somalia at Zone V semis after knocking down Burundi

The Men’s National basketball team of Somalia has on Wednesday showed a great wonder at the ongoing Africa’s Zone V basketball tournament after crashing their Burundian rivals by 98-80 points in what seems to be symbolising the return of Somalia’s lost power in African basketball.

Hundreds of cheering chanting Somali fans have occupied the National stadium in Dar Es Salaam hours before the match kick off on Wednesday. They were chanting up with Somalia, Somalia has fully revived and recovered from years of conflicts, the trophy is heading to Mogadishu and other slogans those gave moral support and encouragement to their Somali boys.

The Somali team has been dominating the whole match from the very beginning until the referee has announced the whistle showing the end of Wednesday’s hotly-contested match.

Wednesday’s match was more interested and more populous that Tuesday’s match against Kenya which ended in 81-79 in favour of Somalia, as hundreds of Somalis who left from Kenya and Uganda reached Dar Es Salaam earlier on Wednesday in a bid to show support for the Somali team.

The president of Somali Sports Press Association and the deputy president of Somali basketball Federation Abdi Aziz Godah Barre who talked to the media has fully lauded for the huge victory.

“It is was a very long time ago since our people have enjoyed in such victory, the Somali basketball federation with the help of its former players and members of the Diaspora community have spent a lot in building such strong national team whose performance made all Somalis happy, because we have achieved victories in two successive days” Mr Abdi Aiziz Godah Barre mentioned.

He said that in accordance with the team’s performance and strengthen he was very hopeful they will score more other big victories in the future.

For his part the Somali consul to Tanzania Dr. Mohamed Diriye Elmi who himself has been at the Stadium to watch Wednesday’s match said that the Somali boys helped the restoration of the country’s lost publicity.

“They made me very happy today and yesterday, because they won and took the Somalia’s blue flag up to the blue sky—I am really very proud of what these young boys have done for the country, they are now at the semi-final and I am very hopeful they will win next match” Somali consul to Tanzania Dr. Mohamed Diriye Elmi told the Somali Sports Press Association via phone from Dar Es Salaam on Wednesday evening.

On Friday the Somali national team will play against Rwanda.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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