Somalia :Al-shabab Executed a senior Kenyan fighter fighting alongside

Kenya Government officials  confirmed that Al-Shabaab executed Mustafa Hassan Mohamed Kenyan citizen but was member of Al-Shabaab foreign fighters.

Mustafa was a camp in Kenya but he joined Alshabaab 2015 after when he escapde from school in the country.

Kenyan media, citing intelligence officials accused Al-Shabaab that they killed Mustafa.

Al-Shabaab, blamed furious attacks in North Eastern  Kenya and they killed children and innocent people as the Kenyan Officials accused them.

Kenya intelligence told the Media  that al-Shabab killed Mr Mustafa last week.

Al-Shabaab explosions and attacks committed in the country and killed many officials of the Police.

Al-Shabaab has killed several Kenyan men, which they accused of being members of the National Intelligence of Kenya.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud


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