Somalia :Al-shabaab men and their weapons surrendered to the government

Somalia government Officials in Bay  region said that alshabaab members and their weapon has surrendered to Somali government in Goofgaduud area.

Chairman Goofgaduud in Bay region, said the men and their weapons had surrendered to local authorities.

Chairman, said that four men, including one  elderly man surrendered to local authorities, and welcomed to the area.

There was a previous plan, but later yesterday they surrendered as the chairman said.

“They was young for men , three of them, their age was  15, 17, 18 years old, the other is 50 years old, all they have their weapons, they contact us and we did a lot” said Goof-gaduud Chairman.

“The armed forces have run the risk and being saved, they were very desperate, they could not eat their food, they prefer to err on the back thinking that makes soldiers turned themselves in.” He said Goofgaduud chairman.

There is No statement on Al-shabaab group.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud 

Goof Gaduud Area


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