Somalia :Al-shabaab Attacked Sheikh Mukhtar Robow’s base

Members of Al shabaab fighters attacked this morning the Home of Former Al shabaab member Mukhtar Abu Mansoor in Bay region.

Reports say senior officials are leading the attack on Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, and Al shabaab are  trying to kill him or capture.

Reports from  Baidoa town  tells  that south Western administrations soldeirs are want to save Abu Mansoor.

South West Administration officials told the Media that members of Al shabaab attacked the home of Abu Mansor in Abal Bakol region.

In the past few months, al-Shabaab has been carrying out movement to attack Abu Mansur , and to surround it where it is located.

It is not known yet the casualties of the fighting, and Abu Mansur’s forces have been battling the attack.

Abu Mansour had withdrawn from Al-Shabaab in 2013,  He has been living in his homeland.

In mid June, was when United States removed the Terrorist List on Abu Mansour.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud 


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