Somalia: Achievements of the Somali government in the first 100 days between support and opposition


Somalia-Mogadishu: After a hard labor and a hot election campaign in Somalia during the presidential elections, the current president, Mohamed Abdellah Farmaajo, was lucky and took office on February 8, 2017, beating all those who had been in the frantic race.

The President was quick to support the Somali people, who had great hopes to look forward to the records of the former president and his ownership of the hearts of members of the Somali army, as a result of providing them with monthly salaries and successive successive victories against the fighters of the youth movement during a short period of his prime minister under the government of Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Transitional.

The president promised to form a highly efficient government that would save the country from the scourge of war and destruction and remove it from the quagmire that fell after the collapse of the central government in Somalia in 1991 and change the course of the situation during the first three months.

100 days after the election of the President and his assumption of power, the views of the Somali people are divided between supporters of the Government and its abundant achievements, in its view, as it believed that it had wasted the opportunity and aborted the hopes of the Ummah and impartially viewed the issues from different angles and considered that the Government needed additional time.

On these lines, we attach the theories of each of these separately, but before addressing the presentation of destinations we briefly review the theory of government officials about the achievements of this period.

The government announced its achievements in a mass demonstration

On June 4, 2017, the governor of Banader province held a large stadium in Mogadishu in a large stadium in Mogadishu, in which both the President of the Republic of Somalia and his Prime Minister participated. In his speech to the masses, the President presented his many electoral promises to appoint him as a prime minister, The other is a technocratic government that has gone a long way in achieving success in a short period of time.

He said his government has succeeded in restoring hope, improving sources of income, fighting corruption in government circles and restoring security and stability in the Somali capital Mogadishu, where bombings and terrorist attacks have diminished after the activation of an expensive force to contain the security of the capital and disarm militias armed with illegal weapons.

Framago pledged to continue his efforts to reform the justice system and build fair and fair institutions free from bribery and nepotism within three months to give the people a judicial system that enjoys the confidence of the Somali people.

Theory of Proponents

When you read the pages of social networking sites or talk to many supporters of the Somali government, they see that they support the government blindly support made their eyes blunt for every defect, so that they exaggerate every little done by the Somali government, ignoring the serious actions that await them because it is the only authority to reform the ravages of wars The barbarism that the country witnessed from its heyday, since the overthrow of the central government in 1991.

The supporters believe that the Somali government has made significant progress on security, even relatively in Mogadishu, where the many actions contributed significantly to the improvement of the security situation in Mogadishu, including:

1: the transfer of elements of the Somali army to military bases in the neighboring areas, thus disappearing the appearance of indiscriminate weapons in the capital.

2: The issuance of an order imposing a heavy arms embargo in the capital, so that the guards are not allowed Somali government officials larger than the Russian Kalashnikov rifle origin.

3: disarming a soldier who roams the main streets without a permit, and considers him an illegal armed man who practices acts that undermine the security of the capital.

4: Create a joint force of the three Somali forces have unified leadership charged to stabilize the security of the capital already deteriorating.

As for the economy, they see that the Ministry of Finance of the Somali government has faced corruption rampant in the corridors of financial institutions, which led to an increase in resources of the country, led by Mina Mogadishu, whose daily income of more than 300 thousand US dollars, according to the Minister, while in the days of the government The former headed by Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud 150 thousand US dollars a day.

See opponents

Many opponents believe that the Somali government has thwarted the hopes of the Somali nation, which has hung on the government leaders many of its ambitions, accusing the president and his first minister of taking decisions of great importance without foresight and wait, which always leads to adverse consequences are not required.

Opponents point out that the president declared immediately upon his assumption that his government gives a large monetary reward to all those who declare the Somali intelligence services to the presence of terrorist plots and plots against innocent people, which contributed in the first days to increase terrorist attacks, as well as reducing them, Finance promised.

As for the security, they see that Somalia has witnessed the worst days of the current government during these limited months of 30 explosions, and also killed 415 people, including the Minister of Housing and Public Works, which was terminated near the Somali presidential palace by the guard of the former auditor, Mr. Nour Farah Who was released from office, for the commission of this criminal act.

Opponents say the bombings and assassinations that took place within three months of the present government are much more than they were under the previous government headed by Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud.


The neutralists view the issue from different angles and see that the government needs additional time to believe that no one can restore things to what they were before in a short period of time not exceeding three months.

They are asking the people to support the government while giving them the chance to slowly and calmly walk the path of the bitter crisis.


I agree with the neutrals that the government needs more time to overcome all the difficulties that stand before it, knowing that the wheel is being destroyed more than it has been adopted, but I still call on the government leaders to be lenient and non-violent to assess it. To restore political, security and economic stability so that they can achieve progress in many ways.

I believe that this progress can be achieved only by fighting financial, administrative and political corruption and assigning important positions to those who deserve them education, honesty and ability, rather than imitating positions for those who do not deserve tribal favoritism or other accounts.

By Bashiir Addow Ahmed


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