Somalia :3rd Student Girl Killed In Mogadishu

Within 12 days three Student Girls shot dead in Mogadishu on separate circumstances while they were on their way to homes and one killed inside its University Class.

On 18 September, Deqo Dahir a 9 year old Student shot dead after Government soldier opened fire to her School bus, others injured.

On 21 September Amina Husain Hassan shot dead in her University Class, the Murderers escaped from the scene after shooting.

On yesterday 30 Sept the 3rd Girl Asha Cabdi Saney shot dead by armed Robbers who tried to steal her Cell phone.

Witnesses said the Robbers escaped with Fekon Moto and runned the vicinity before Security forces reached the area.

Somalia Government said that it arrested four soldiers suspected of killing Deqo Dahir a 9 year Old School Girl.

Ubadka Soomaaliyeed ee wax u baranaya dalkooda, haddana dhibaatooyin la kulma


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