Somali women assaulted by kidnappers posing as policemen

file-23-20226675958031026JEDDAH: Two Somali women who were stopped by policemen for identity checks were horrified to discover the men had disguised themselves in police uniforms so they could kidnap and assault them.

In total, five men assaulted the women at two different locations after deceiving them by telling them they would be taking them to a shelter.

While the kidnappers requested that the two victims not inform authorities, one of the victims refused and filed a report with the police, leading a team of criminal investigators and police to capture all five attackers.

In her report, the victim said she and her friend were kidnapped by men dressed in police uniforms and taken to a home in East Jeddah where they were sexually assaulted. The attackers then took them to a rest house in Al-Harazat, where three other men assaulted them at the request of the kidnappers.

The police formed a working team to investigate, and upon questioning the second victim, who gave a similar story, were able to identify the rest house location. Upon attempts to search the premises, a man inside the rest house refused to cooperate, while attempting to help others to escape out the back door. One of the criminals was immediately arrested at the site.

The victim identified her kidnapper, while investigations revealed he was the mastermind of the operation. He admitted to the crime said he was influenced by the devil. He led police to the others involved in the crime, including one of his brothers, an Arab resident, and two African residents. Two others were arrested inside a rest house and the others in different homes in Qaweeza and Al-Harazat.

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