Somali: Tottenham stabbing victim Ibrahim Ali was ‘peaceful and respectful student’

Twenty year old Ibrahim Ali was stabbed in the early hours of Mothers' Day
Twenty-year-old Ibrahim Ali was stabbed in the early hours of Mothers’ Day

Twenty-year-old Ibrahim Ali, a former pupil of Park View Academy, was fatally attacked during a brawl after a house party in Stamford Close early on Sunday morning.

Ali attended Park View Academy, on West Green Road, after moving to London with his mother and sisters from his native Somalia in 2002.

Head-teacher at Park View, Alex Atherton, told the Journal: “The school has been deeply shocked by this tragedy. We remember Ibrahim as someone with a peaceful and respectful student with a wide group of friends, popular across his year group. He will be very sadly missed.

“Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”

Twenty-year-old Ibrahim Ali died in hospital after being air-lifted from the scene of a fight in Stamford Close in the early hours of Mothers’ Day.

His sister, Fadumo, told the Journal she does not want his death to become ‘just another statistic.’ She and a friend have set up a JustGiving online site, where, through the charity Islamic Relief, they want to raise money for water wells in Africa.

More than £700 has been raised so far, and Fadumo admitted she has been taken aback by the scale of support from the local community.

“We don’t think that’s hard to achieve or beyond our capabilities. In fact I don’t think it’s enough,” she said. “But with that amount of money the amount of change we can bring back home in Africa and in less privileged places is going to be something great for Ibrahim, something honourable.

“The community has been very supportive. It has been shocking for people because this was someone everyone knew in the community. It makes people think ‘that could have been me, or it could have been my brother’. It has been a shock, and because of that everyone has been giving back and trying to help.”

Ibrahim, a former Seven Sisters Primary School pupil and Park View Academy student, moved to London from Somalia with his family in 2002.

He had only recently passed his driving theory test, and wanted to get a job in IT. His sister said he was driven by a desire to provide for his mother and family.

“Ibrahim was the calmest and collective person, very thoughtful before he would speak,” she said. “He was soft-hearted. He was the first to stop a fight, stop bullying. He was very intelligent too. He always stood out in the family.

“We want people to know that Ibrahim was a boy who had a family who loved him, he had a future. He wanted to do so much, to achieve so much and that’s all been robbed from him.

“He wanted to work but mostly he just wanted to give back to my mother, because she raised him as a single mum. He wanted to be a better person, practice his religion. He has been robbed of all of that. That is the tragedy.

“Because he represents so many young children out there, I don’t want his death to be a waste. I don’t want him to become just another statistic. I want something positive to come out of this, and that’s why the charity is happening. We want the good things about him to be remembered, not the sad things.”

To donate to Ibrahim Ali’s just giving site, visit:

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