Somali robber sues UK £50k for ‘nightmares’

AN asylum seeker with a string of criminal convictions is suing the Government — claiming its bid to deport him gave him NIGHTMARES.

Somali Abdirahman Ajab wants £50,000 compensation for his “mental problems” after being held at an immigration centre for eight months while his case was considered.

Amazingly, despite Ajab, 30, having convictions for robbery and false imprisonment, a High Court judge let him stay.

He was jailed again for armed robbery but fought off another deportation bid last year and was given a flat in Tower Hamlets, East London.

When The Sun approached him at his home, he said: “The Government have been doing me bad for years. It’s giving me mental problems. It’s given me nightmares. They owe me, man.”

Ajab, who has lived in the UK since 1996, said he would use any compo to buy land in Somalia. He insists he wants to go back there but claims the Government is stopping him.

But a Home Office source said: “He’s more than welcome to leave.”

Source: The Sun


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