SOMALI President Marks Labour Day says “Working is dignity”

SOMALI President Marks Labour Day says “Working is dignity”
SOMALI President Marks Labour Day says “Working is dignity”

His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud marked today, International Labour Day, by attending a ceremony at the Ministry of Labour.

The President delivered a speech to the assembled crowd, beginning with an old Somali proverb: ‘Shaqadu waa sharaf’ (working is dignity).

The President celebrated the efforts of all Somalis, who he noted are hard workers by character. He also singled out three groups of workers for special attention: civil servants, the military and members of the Diaspora who have returned to Somalia to assist in the rebuilding of the country.

Regarding civil servants, the President said, “More than 3500 have been appointed since I was inaugurated and that they are ‘the engine of the government.’ ”

Regarding the military, he commented on the recent success of the military offensive against al-Shabaab: “It is with pride that I remind you that over the past few weeks we have reclaimed 10 towns and our enemies are running away like dogs.”

Finally the President recognized the efforts of returning Somalis from the Diaspora: “We welcome you back and we know many of you have been waiting for the day that you could return. While you have been away, we have changed. You will see a nation that is growing up, built not on idealistic dreams but on the promise of hard work.”

The President also took questions from the media.

In response to a question regarding the recent detention of a Somali diplomat in Kenya, he noted: “We are speaking with the Kenyan government on this subject. We say to Kenya, target the criminals, not entire communities. Don’t pour fuel on the fire by creating animosity amongst the people who have called Kenya a home and who have contributed to your economy. Somalia and Kenya have a shared aim: to rid Africa of our terrorist enemies.”

Concluding, he returned to the theme of labour. “Nothing that is worthwhile is easy. Every great endeavor takes work.”

Source: Senior Press Officer


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