Somali Parliament vote to oust Speaker ignites new political dispute

The Members of the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) of Somalia have elected Mr. Nunow Madobe as the new Speaker of Parliament in a controversial move that could potentially ignite new infighting within the TFP, Radio Garowe reports.

Around 140 MPs met Tuesday at parliament house in Mogadishu, sources said.

This group of MPs brought a motion to remove Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, who is currently on a foreign trip in Italy.

The MPs who had voted for Mr. Nunow stated that their decision comes after Mr. Sharif Hassan decided to “ignore” the lawmakers’ decision to open parliament session due allegations of overstepping his authority.

Mr. Nunow, who was elected as parliament Speaker, claimed that 283 MPs were present and 280 MPs voted to rid of Speaker Sharif Hassan.

Reliable sources in Mogadishu tell Garowe Online that “around 140 MPs” were present at parliament hall. Further, the sources added that a “bigger group of MPs” are expected to hold a meeting in Mogadishu tomorrow in support of Speaker Sharif Hassan.

Many MPs who support Speaker Sharif Hassan have suggested that this decision for a new Speaker of Parliament is a quick and rush decision made by a group MPs “opposed to the Roadmap.”

The Kampala Accord, signed on 9 June 2011, under the auspices of the UN Special Envoy to Somalia, Mr. Augustine Mahiga, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, prohibits Somali MPs from “media recrimination, threats of impeachment of the President, Speaker and two Deputy Speakers of Parliament, and the dismissal of Parliament.”

The Kampala Accord was signed by both President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, which deferred national elections until 20 August 2012 and paved the way for the ongoing Roadmap process.

TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has not publicly commented on the decision by a group of MPs to oust Speaker Sharif Hassan.