Somali Parliament to Form Federalism Committee

The Somali parliamentary committee on national security, interior and governance will form a sub-committee to oversee the federalism process in the country, Somalia’s Goobjoog News reported Wednesday (April 2nd).

Vice chairman of the committee Dahir Amin Jessow criticised the government’s handling of federalism to date, saying that the government has failed to plan ahead.

He added that the constitution is unclear on the federalism issue, causing additional problems and confusion. He called on the government to take a strong leadership role in order to prevent conflict.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud returned to Mogadishu Tuesday from a three-day visit to Baidoa, where he met with the leaders of two groups competing to form a new regional administration, Radio Dalsan reported.

Mohamud called on the two parties to co-operate with the federal government in order to find a sustainable solution to the conflict.


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