Somalia: MPs rejected The Budgets of the Government in 2013

Somali MPs meeting in Mogadishu have reject the budgets of the Government in 2013.

The speaker of the Parliament Prof Mohamed Osman Jawari was the meeting said the MPs must vote the budgets of the Government in 2013, after debates.

The Meeting was comes in 154-MPs, 70 of them they against the budgets of the Government and 30 was vote.

When the conclude the meeting in the MPs, The Speaker said the Government of Somalia has reshelf the budget 30,days, and then come again to vote and other tames.

Somali parliament now days the debates the budgets of the Government by prepaid the Minister of Finance and Planning, Mohamud Hassan Suleiman.

How ever, Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said we are Fighting  against corruption.

Somalia the most amount of corruption in the world country said Transparency International’s.

By: Correspondent in Midinimo at  Mogadishu


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