Somali FA holds luncheon for Djibouti FA boss in London

Somali Football Federation administrative representative in the UK and the chairman of White Star Association Dr. Abdi Olad Rageh has presided a farewell luncheon ceremony held in London for the visiting Djibouti football Federation President and FIFA commissioner Mr. Souleiman Hassan Waberi who has been on an official visit to London where he was among high profile football personalities around the world invited to watch the final match of the 2013 UEFA champions league.

The luncheon ceremony which gathered former footballers, coaches including Somali FA head coach in Europe Abdirashid Islow Ahmed and fans was mainly intended to farewell the Djibouti FA president Mr Souleiman Hassan Waberi and thank him for the good cooperative ties he developed with Somali Football Federation who holds its home games and international level courses in the neighbouring Djibouti since Somalia wasn’t yet safe to host FIFA, CAF or CECAFA level competitions.

Also leading sports editors including Mahmoud Ismail were present at the Farwell ceremony. Chairman of Somali sports community in the UK Dahir Ali Kulmiye and Somali Olympic committee representative Hussein Deq were also present at the Luncheon ceremony.

Somali Football Federation administrative representative in the UK Dr. Abdi Olad Rageh told the luncheon ceremony that on the behalf of Somali FA he was very pleased to organize such high level reception for President Souleiman Hassan Waberi.

“Dear Mr. President I know that you deserved to be seen off with a bigger congregation than such ceremony we are doing today—I am sure we would have done days-long ceremonies if we had been in Mogadishu or elsewhere in Somalia, although this organization can even show you how huge respect and fraternity we have for you and for the entire people of Djibouti” Dr. Abdi Olad Rageh told during the farewell luncheon ceremony on Sunday.

“It goes without saying that there has always been a fully-developed cooperation between football federations in Somalia and in Djibouti—this is not something verbal, but what is happening in London today is an adequate example of that I have mentioned and on the behalf of both federations I pledge that bilateral ties will always be strengthening” Somali Football Federation Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab told the ceremony via phone from Mogadishu.

“I am extremely cheerful that Somali football volunteers are stepping up their activities in the country and elsewhere around the world and I am very hopeful that such together work will help the promotion of football in Somalia” added the secretary General who thanked Somali FA administrative representative in UK Dr. Abdi Olad Rageh and coaches Abdirashid Islow Ahmed and Rabii Muse for their dedication and commitment.

For his part, the Djibouti Football Federation President Mr. Souleiman Hassan Waberi praised the Somali Football community for their commitment to the beautiful game and for their continued cooperation amongst them wherever they are in the world.

“I am really very grateful to you for your reception and the huge welcome since I arrived here in London on Friday morning, you actually showed me more than what I have been expecting from such expatriates like you—also I would like to announce here in front of the media that I am fully jubilant at your work here where your Under 12 children won  the recent children’s football tournament in London which was held for children from different ethnic communities in London and surrounding areas” the president told his farewell ceremony.

“A Somali proverb says he who invites you at his home shows his manhood, but he who invites you at someone’s home is more than a man, so I can really describe you as ‘heroes’ and hard-working people since you are holding such beautiful luncheon ceremony for me in a country that is not yours—I am however fully satisfied with the brotherhood you showed me and the successive invitations you had been doing for me since my arrival” president Souleiman Hassan Waberi told his farewell ceremony before he flew to Mauritius where he will participate in the 63rd FIFA annual congress.

Somalia and Djibouti are two brother nations whose people share the same language, culture, religion and the same colour and for that reason Somali Football Federation uses Djibouti to host its home games with no preconditions and without any restrictions.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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