Somali FA concludes division B & C football leagues

Somali FA concludes division B & C football leagues

The Somali Football Federation has concluded its 2012 division B and C local football championships on Friday 14th of December at a highly-arranged ceremony in Mogadishu during which the winning clubs of the two leagues were awarded with millions of Somali shillings in cash as part of SFF’s annual encouragement for the promotion of the game.

Somali Football Federation President Abdi Qani Said Arab who first addressed at the conclusion ceremony noted that the SFF was very proud of successfully accomplishing a very huge task this year in terms of holding three local football leagues in the same period.

“This year was totally different from the past years, because we finished our competitions peacefully while previously we suffered from fierce battles those sometimes halted the tournaments or caused casualties on our fans, players or journalists covering the event, but this year we say thank you Allah, because we finished all three local leagues with no human casualties during matches” SFF secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab told Friday’s conclusion ceremony.

“Today marks a cheerful moment for us, as we have finalized a very huge task successfully” emphasized the secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab who praised club authorities, coaches and players for showing commitment to the beautiful game.

“We played on open grounds for the past several years, but I am hopeful that our leagues will be performed on an international style facility from next year, because the under construction Stadium Banadir will be available soon” noted the secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab adding that the SFF was very grateful to FIFA for its support and efforts to protect Somali football from collapsing for more than two decades of lawlessness and civil wars in the country.

For his part the president of Somali Football Federation Ali Said Guled Roble indicated that this year’s leagues were very professional than those in the past adding that it was because of the Somali coaches who had benefitted from at least two FIFA level and nearly ten local courses for the past three years.

“Our coaches seem to have developed technically and physically and they created young and talented players so that is why the local leagues were more interested and populous than previous years” the SFF president told the closing ceremony Friday. The president urged the coaches and players to redouble their efforts to help the country’s football to grow enough.

Mogadishu city FC who won the division B football league was awarded with 40,000,000 Somali shillings in prise, while FC Banadir who won the division C trophy was awarded with 40,000,000 Somali shillings too.

Referees who officiated the tournaments, coaches, players, fans and media workers were also awarded with certificates of honour for their role in the continuation of the beautiful game in the war-devastated horn of African country.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar


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