Somali defense minister traveled to Kenya and Uganda

Somali defense Minister Abdikarim Mohamoud Fiqi and other top government officials on Wednesday travelled to neighbouring Kenya and Uganda for key talks on military issues, Bar-kulan can report.

Leading top government officials, Fiqi is expected to meet his Kenyan and Ugandan counterparts on key issues including cooperation and strengthening of AU and Somali forces led efforts to liberate entire Somalia from the Al-Shabaab group, according to a statement from the defence ministry.

They will also discuss training and re-instituting Somalia’s armed forces to allow them defend the country from rebel groups, it added.

“The main aim of this trip is to speed up efforts to bolster security in regions still under the control of Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab group,” reads the statement in part.

According to the statement, the defence ministry “will not tolerate a sinful foreigner to continue living in Somalia and work on towards harming the public”, urging foreign fighters fighting alongside Al-Shabaab to immediately leave the country before facing the wrath of the national army.

“We are urging the youth who have been misled by the Al-Shabaab group to take this opportunity to surrender and repent from the sins they committed against the public and ask for forgiveness. You know Al-Shabaab has been defeated and has no capacity to defend themselves from the government and AMISOM forces,” reads the statement in another part.

This is second times visit the minister those counters, Uganda  and Kenya are contributed the AU peace keeping in Somalia AMISOM .

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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