Silanyo attends Somalia-Somaliland region talks in Turkey

Somaliland regional President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo travelled to Turkey on Monday (April 8th) to attend the second phase of Somalia-Somaliland talks.

Silanyo’s delegation includes Speaker of Parliament Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, Minister of State Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohamud Ahmed Barre, Minister of Justice Hussein Ahmed Aideed, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Farah, and opposition Justice and Welfare Party chairman Faisal Ali Warabe.

“We will go anywhere we are invited that is to our benefit,” Silanyo said.

Silanyo said his administration was not ready for full unity with the Somali government and was still pursuing recognition as a sovereign state. Although Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991, the international community still regards it as part of Somalia.

“The points to be agreed upon are clear and we can all guess what they are. Somalia wants a reunion and for all of us to be part of Somalia, [but] Somaliland wants its independence to be recognised and agreed to by the world,” Silanyo said. “That is where the conflict lies, but we will not shut the door on the world. We will state our objectives, we will present and defend our case, and clearly state the position of our people.”

Source: SABHA

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  1. Somalia gained it’s independence from it’s Italian colonizer 01-Jul-1960.

    Unfortunately without the enjoyment of a that independence this new African state entered into a Pan-Somali project where all Somali settled lands would be turned into a single state.

    It is almost 53years since and there is no sight of peace. All African states are based on colonial borders as such it is in the interests of all concerned that the Somalia political bewilderment be assertively address and Somalia encouraged to respect the AU charter of Statehood and State territorial integrity.

    The grand plan of unified Somalia territories is the principle cause of Somalia’s Failure and will continue to remain the root cause of future failures.


    All 5 have distinct histories, political aspirations and lack the political maturity to sustain a peaceful union.

    The only One among the 5 that is staking it’s own existence on a fraudulent claim and false intention for the cause of UNION is Somalia(Somalia-Italia). Considering it is currently occupied by 20,000 Amisom troops and equal number of Somalia militia fighters who commit the bulk of crime Somalia has nothing to offer anything for them to Unite with.

    If Greece was being considered for eviction from the EU to save the EU perhaps it is only prudent to safe all African countries the association with such a failed terrorist Hub. Both Kenya and Ethiopia who have a well established tourist market have lost billions for the last 10years all because of the People the international community seem to prefer at the helm of the most failed state. Only now they have more weapons due to the USA’s belligerence.


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