Prime Minister of Somalia Urges Parliament To Establish Disaster Management Agency

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today said Somalia had taken an important step forward as the Cabinet moved to establish the Somali Disaster Management Agency.

The mandate of the new agency, once the legislation formalizing its establishment has been approved by parliament, will centre on the urgent response to natural disasters, including famines and flooding.

“As we rebuild, almost from scratch, the new institutions of the Somali state we must put national resilience at the heart of our efforts, said the Prime Minister, who was chairing the weekly Council of Ministers in Villa Somalia. “The Somali Disaster Management Agency will spearhead the nation’s response to the most pressing crises that face us.”

With Cabinet approval of the draft legislation, presented to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Interior, focus now switches to the parliament, which is due to scrutinise and pass the legislation after any amendments.

“The government looks forward to the parliament reviewing and passing this legislation after proper scrutiny,” the Prime Minister said. “Laws are the foundation of a functioning state and we need a vibrant, fully functioning parliament to legislate actively for the benefit of all Somalis. I call on the parliament to redouble its efforts to pass this piece of legislation, and others pending, that will help consolidate our recent gains.”

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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