Senior Al-Shabab leader captured in Bakool region, another killed

Goobo cusub oo Al-Shabaab laga qabsaday
Goobo cusub oo Al-Shabaab laga qabsaday

Hudur: [SONNA] – Somali national army with their African Union ally have on Saturday carried operation against Al-Shabab at Yabyab location which is some 27km east of Hudur town the headquarters of Bakool region.

In the operation the joint force have killed a senior Al-Shabab leader and apprehended another, the Somali military officers have identified the name of the caught senior Al-Shabab leader as Hassan Issack Noor aka Madahey.

Issack’s title in the terrorist group Al-Shabab was the collection of what they call charity from the local nomad people.

“On Saturday morning our soldiers and those of the African Union jointly carried out operation against Al-Shabab militants at Yabyab location which is one of their hideouts in the region, and in the operation we killed several of them including a senior leader of them and we have in hand another senior Al-Shabab leader” said Aden Mohamed Ahmed a Major in the Somali army who was among the officers leading the Saturday operation.

Major Aden has added that soon display the captured Al-Shabab leader with the press.

The Major has also added that their operations against Al-Shabab in the region will continue, as long as they are an inch in the region.

It was just some days ago when the President of the Southwest State of Somalia has in a press conference said that soon Al-Shabab remnants will be eliminated from the entire territory of Southwest State.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

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