Prime Minister declares Kismayo Convention unconstitutional

The Federal Government of the Somali Republic deeply regrets the unconstitutional Kismayo convention held on 27 February 2013.

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said: “This unilateral act, carried out without reference to the federal government, violates the constitution and is an obstacle to peaceful political development. It neither serves the best interest of the local communities in the area nor that of the new Somali state.”

“The government’s constitutional mandate is to establish a federal state as the end goal. This nation-building process is already underway. We have started this approach to establish local administrations, the foundation stones of a federal state, in newly recovered areas such as Bay and Hiiraan and we expect the same will apply to Jubaland. As stated in the past, the government will only be a facilitator.”

“It’s important that what’s happening in Kismayo only takes place within – and not outside – the constitutional framework. According to our constitutional mandate, the government won’t accept anything less than correct procedure. We have been extremely inclusive throughout all consultative engagements and played a facilitative role in Baydhabo and  Beled Weyne, and we expect to do the same in Kismayo as we move towards a federal state.”

The Prime Minister said the government will remain in constant dialogue with all Somali and international stakeholders, including African Union, UN and IGAD. He reiterated the government’s willingness to engage in dialogue with all stakeholders, including MPs, politicians and civil society to re-establish an inclusive Jubaland administration under the

constitutional guidelines and after consultation with the people.

“By acting unilaterally the Kismayo Convention will jeopardize the efforts of reconciliation, peace building and state-building, create tribal divisions and also undermines the fight against extremists in the region.”


Ahmed Adan

Prime Minister’s Media Office


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