Press- Release: President Hassan met with (World Bank Officials)

Mogadishu, Somalia  |  The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud today held discussions with high ranking World Bank officials in Villa Somalia regarding the way forward for Somalia and its engagements with the World Bank.

The World Bank delegation led by Country director Ms.Bella Bird met with President Hassan Sheikh, Minister of Finance H.E Mohamud H.Suleyman, and other senior Somali government officials.

President Hassan Sh. Mohamud welcomed the World Bank officials to Somalia and clearly explained that after a 22 year of absence caused by conflict the government of Somalia is now ready to engage with the World Bank and other International financial institutions

“Somalia needs to reinstate operations with the World Bank Family, We believe the World bank can play an important role in the reconstruction of Somalia, as well as the rebuilding of our public financialinstitutions.” said the President.

Furthermore, he briefed the officials about Somalia’s 12 years of transition in which he described this as a long time for a country to be in transition. “We are committed to bring forward the best people we have to work with you, so our financial institutions can begin to function well, but we need your support”

In conclusion President Hassan SH. Mohamud who was very optimistic about future engagements with the international community, informed the World Bank team about the various recent changes in Somalia. He informed the team that many countries have signed bilateral agreements with Somalia, and more agreements are currently ongoing.

“Some countries like Japan have choosen to directly recognize and support the government. We applaud this move and encourage others to follow suit. We are certain that other institutions like the World Bank would be pleased to be our partners.” President Hassan said.

Malik Abdalla

Director of Communication

Office of the Somalia President

Villa Somalia, Mogadishu


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