President Kibaki sent Somalia a congratulatory Message and appeal to reactivate Joint Committee between two countries.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 16 – President Mwai Kibaki has sent a congratulatory message to the President, the Prime Minister, Parliament and the people of Somalia following the overwhelming endorsement of a new cabinet by Parliament.

In the message Kibaki noted that the people of Somalia have achieved another remarkable milestone in the democratic transition in the country.

He said that the endorsement of the new cabinet gives Kenya government an opportunity to begin in earnest bilateral engagements at various levels.

President Kibaki further added that the move will deepen the two countries’ relationship especially in peace building and consolidation, reconstruction, institutional and capacity building while working with other well wishers.

The Head of State also called for reactivation of the Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC) between Kenya and Somalia that was launched in Nairobi on March 29, 2008 that will work as a framework for future bilateral cooperation.

President Kibaki further assured the people of Somalia of Kenya’s commitment at bilateral level and in concert with other well wishers to continue playing its role towards the realisation of a peaceful, secure and prosperous Somalia.


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