Pictured: The Somali Minnesota mall knifeman, 22, who called himself ‘a soldier of the Islamic State’ during rampage and stabbed nine people after checking they weren’t Muslim

388e725400000578-0-image-a-13_1474261373552This is the man said to be responsible for the stabbing of nine people in Minnesota in an attack that ISIS has claimed responsibility for.
Dahir A. Adan, 22, who was identified by his father to the Minnesota Star Tribune, was said to be a ‘soldier of the Islamic state’, according to an ISIS-linked news agency.
A black and white photo from Adan’s Facebook and reported by local media put a face to the name for the first time since Saturday night’s attack.
Adan immigrated to the United States from Africa, according to his father, and is of Somali descent.
His father, Ahmed Adan, said Adan was born in Mombasa, Kenya, but did not say where the family immigrated from.

He said they have lived in the United States for approximately 15 years and Adan was beginning his third year as a student at St. Cloud State University.
Adan’s father claimed no ties to ISIS or terrorism. Ahmed Adan’s apartment, where his son lived with him, was raided by police on Sunday, according to the Star Tribune.

ISIS-linked Amaq agency, which follows a pattern of ISIS-related media, claimed the attack was the doing of the terrorist group.
Independent media groups in the United States were unable to verify the claims.
After reports of Adan being of Somali descent began to disseminate, the Somali and Muslim communities held press conferences expressing their sorrow for the victims.
Mohamoud Mohamed, a spokesman for the Central Minnesota Islamic Center in St. Cloud, said the community in Minnesota had ‘no connection’ to ISIS.
‘We are the victims of those terrorist groups. Islam is peace… I pray for the victims,’ he said.
The St. Cloud area is home to one of the state’s largest Muslim immigrant populations and tensions have flared in the past.
‘This has been a dark day; it is a day we will never forget.
‘Let us unite as one Minnesota… Please let’s spread love instead of hate. ISIS does not represent us. It does not represent Islam, and it does not represent Somalis,’ community member Lul Hersi said.
The state has been federally investigated in the past for having communities with ties to ISIS recruitment.
According to CNN, earlier this year nine Somali-Minnesotans were convicted or pleaded guilty in a plot to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

In previous years, a group of men left to join Al-Shabaab, a group which seeks to turn Somali into an Islamist state, CNN reported.
‘We still don’t have anything substantive that would suggest anything more than what we know already, which is this was a lone attacker and right now, we’re trying to get to the bottom of his motivations,’ St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson told CNN.
The FBI has labeled the attack a ‘potential act of terrorism’.
Witness and police claim Adan made a reference to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslim before attacking nine people in Crossroads Mall on Saturday at 8pm.
Three people remained in a nearby hospital and one person was in life-threatening condition, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis said.
Adan allegedly had three previous encounters with police but most were minor traffic violations and none resulted in arrest.
A hero cop shot Adan dead after he injured nine people during the knife attack.
Off-duty policeman Jason Falconer opened fire at Adan, killing him.

St Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said Falconer, a part-time officer in the nearby city of Avon who also owns a firearms training company, shot and killed the attacker five minutes after authorities received the first 911 call.
Falconer opened fire, but the attacker, who lunged at him with a knife, got up three more times, the police chief said.
‘He clearly prevented additional injuries and potential loss of life,’ Anderson said.
Falconer, who was praised for being ‘at the right time and place,’ specializes in training law enforcement and personal security guards, according to his company website Tactical Advantage.
Abdul Kulane credited Dahir with being a good student who worked part time as a security guard, the St Cloud Times reported.
Kulane also told the newspaper Dahir was last seen around 6pm when he said he was going to buy an iPhone from the mall.
He added: ‘The entire community are shocked by this incident…We would like to offer our sympathies to those affected, their families and the entire St. Cloud community.

He was helpful to his family and as far as we know, he never had a violent history, as far as his family and the community can remember. He was a friendly and active community member.
‘As far as the incident goes, we don’t know what happened. All the information circulating in the media are speculations. It could involve a fight that led to this incident. It could be anything,’ he said.
St Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the lone assailant, who was dressed in a ‘private security uniform’, entered Crossroads mall around 8pm last night.
That individual made some references to Allah and we confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before assaulting them,’ he added.
Authorities have no reason to believe anyone else was involved in the attack.
Three people remain in the hospital, with one victim suffering from life-threatening injuries, Mayor Dave Kleis said.
Employees and shoppers were released after the mall was put on lockdown. It will remain closed on Sunday while the investigation continues with the help of the FBI.
Authorities said the attack was not related to two separate explosions reported in New York City and the Jersey Shore on Saturday.

Sydney Weires told the St Cloud Times she saw a security guard sprinting and yelling, ‘Call the cops! Call the cops!,’ after a loud scream broke out in the mall.
She later saw one man with the back of his shirt drenched in blood, while another man who was bleeding from the face screamed: ‘Get the f*** out!’, Weires told the local paper.
Danny Carranza grabbed his children from the play area near Macy’s when he saw others running, the St Cloud Times reported.

He made it out of the mall right after gunshots broke out, but his wife remained inside for several hours while the mall was on lockdown.
Harley Exsted, who was traveling from Isle, Minnesota with Tama Exted, said: ‘All of a sudden I heard “pop, pop, pop”.
‘I thought someone tipped over a shelf. All of a sudden these people started running. I just saw everybody running our way.’
The couple were unharmed and said they helped another woman who was running from the scene to her car.
Ashley Bayne was in the mall and told WCCO: ‘I went closer to the mall entrance by J.C. Penney’s and I was looking at some jeans and all the sudden people were just running in chaos.
‘They were screaming, “Someone’s stabbing people in the mall,” and people were just really frantic and were running.’
She recalled to the news outlet: ‘When I got in my car to get out people were speeding out of there.
‘By the time I left my coworker had texted me saying they had all gone into lockdown in the mall.
‘There were no notifications in the mall at all, it was just people running and screaming.’

Source: Daily Mail


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