One journalists detained by security forces in Mogadishu -NUSUJ

The Union of journalism in Somalia condemned  the arrest  one of Jounalist in Mogadishu , Abdi-aziz Abdinor Ibrahim (Koronto).

Koronto was taken to a custody by the police from the Central Investigation Department (CID) yesterday after they alleged him of broadcasting a false news.

The reporter accused news by broadcaster channel Al-Jazera in Doha, relating

Meanwhile, The chief of the CID asked Koronto to come the headquarter for further inquiry, said a colleague.

The interview was about a woman claimed that she is a rape victim for dozen military uniformed people.

However this report also stringer by Daily Telegraph said he did not air the interview unless he tried to reach the police about the event, but ended in a vain after the policemen refused to comment the issue.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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