No distractions to the government’s mission as business continues, says Prime Minister

Somalia’s recovery was too far advanced for it to be derailed, His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said today, sending his condolences to the victims of a terrorist attack in Mogadishu.

The suicide attack took place close to the National Theatre in the Hamarweyne district of the capital when a car bomber drove into a passenger bus. At least 10 people were killed and 15 wounded.

“Somalis will join me in sending my condolences to those who were killed or wounded in this futile attack. The truth is that daily life is more peaceful and Mogadishu is more secure than it has been for over 20 years,” the Prime Minister said. “New Somali businesses are opening almost daily as our brothers and sisters from the diaspora vote with their feet and return to Mogadishu.”

The Prime Minister noted that the enemies of peace had been driven out of the capital, were being pushed back across Somalia and were on their way out.

“These misguided attempts to derail us will have no affect,” the Prime Minister said. “We have made far too much progress to regress to the bad old days. Peace, stability and business are the order of the day.”


Ahmed Adan
Prime Minister’s Media Office
Mogadishu, Somalia

Mobile: +252 (0) 616 440 028

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,




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