Museveni asks UN to replace Uganda’s crashed helicopters

President Museveni has asked the United Nations to replace Uganda’s Air-Force helicopters that crashed in Kenya last year on the way to Somalia.

Speaking at the Somalia London conference in UK, Tuesday, Mr Museveni explained that Somali government Army must have technological superiority over terrorists by using army aviation (gunships) and air-force to target the terrorists who are killing people with impunity from their rural bases.

“In this connection, the UN should replace our gun-ships that perished in an accident in Kenya on their way to Somalia ─ so that we use them as force multipliers,” he said.

Several Air-Force personnel died on August 11, 2012, when three helicopters that were headed to the African Union sponsored AMISOM operations in Somalia crashed.

The London Somalia Conference is one of the international conferences on Somalia aimed at bringing stability in the country that has endured a prolonged civil war.

Mr Museveni said some former members of fighting militias should be considered for recruitment.

“The Somali Army needs to integrate the militias to integrate the militias, screen them guided by professional standards and, thereafter, carry out fresh recruitment from the villages to raise adequate numbers to guard the country,” he said.

He advised the army leadership in Somalia to adopt Uganda’s quota system to recruit soldiers.

“Every district must bring an assigned number of people to join the National Army. In that way, Somalis will build a National Army by terminating factionalism and warlord loyalties,” he said.


Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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