Muqdishu: Turkish Airlines resumes Mogadishu bound flights

airlinesTurkish airlines has on Sunday resumed its direct flights to Mugdishu, the capital of horn of Africa war-torn Somalia.

On Sunday morning at around 8:00 A.M., several high-ranking officials from Somali federal government have welcomed the arrival of Turkish airlines plane at Mogadishu airport with 30 passengers.

Turkish airlines has cancelled its daily Mogadishu-bound flights in February 03, 2016, one day after a Daallao airlines passenger plane made an emergency landing as a result of a blast which opened a gaping hole on the plane’s side.

Al shabaab claimed responsibility for Daallo airlines bomb blast in which at least left one person dead and two others wounded.

Turkish airlines became the first international airline to resume international flights to and from Mogadishu after the country’s security has made a significant improvement.

Source: Shabele News


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