Mogadishu – Tragedy of the Land Administration Challenges, Issues and Solutions

Introduction – KUDOS to President Farmajo, and thank you for making prompt decision to froze all sales and transfer of government owned lands and properties to private interest groups. It is long overdue action, but never too late to recognize as an emergency national priority. It is quite sad that trusted politicians and leaders are at the forefront of this gruesome, frightening, injustice and endemic corruption of selling public lands.

While our leaders are invested in a fiduciary trust and authority to protect the common good, the rule of law and establish fair and justice governance system. Unfortunate, it is widespread practice, that trusted leaders and officials are the leading actors of corruption, delegitimizing government authority and seeking tribal protection for their wrong doings.

Somali presidential Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo
Somali presidential Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

Mr. President, we also welcome your act of forward looking strategy, commitment and assurance to protect the public properties. Our research and writings found that illegal land appropriation, grabbing and evictions is widespread in Mogadishu. Based on lessons learned from other post conflict situations, if land issues are not addressed urgently, it can be a cause of renewed arm conflict and obstacle for peacebuilding efforts, hindering the return of the rule of the law and reconstituting public trust and confidence.

Thus, effective governance of land administration is a fundamental prerequisite for peace building. Previously, the authors of this paper informed the former president Mr. H.S. Mohamoud about the growing illegal practice of public land appropriation, the occupation of private properties and the urgent need for solutions. Unfortunately, no attention was given to this public outcry.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight some of key issues and challenges of Mogadishu’s land administration practice. The paper also aims to identify key intervention priorities and explore possible solutions to help the upcoming national committee. We recommend the mandate of the National

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