What is a new Mogadishu today ?

2Mogadishu today we are concern of the people of the EVC Service Plus a service provided by the company Hormuud Telcome money for mobile use .

Many public institutions facing the company to leave with money in the mobile service EVC Plus the company pay .

Chief centers Company Hormuud has convinced the public that the issue of the closure of the service EVC Plus do nothing to close the company to spontaneous service .

Business , Constructing the money , and other public service by the discontinuation of everyone concerned to stop the service EVC Plus . and changes in the exchange of $ 1 EVC Plus and 15 thousand Somali shillings

Al – Shabaab has already closed its mobile money transfer service company was paid after the Company News has changed EVC Plus the money had first been stored was only $ 150 and the company to reach $ 300 .

Apart from the chief centers of Company HormuudTelcome no responsibility also spoke of this . The Federal Government of Somalia they did not have the public ‘s concerns .

Al – Shabaab has already suspended service on the Internet for used mobile and mobile money transfer service in cash stored in the mobile.


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