Mogadishu rallies behind the London conference on Somalia

Mogadishu (MIC) His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today addressed big rally to support the London Somali conference at Peace Park in the center of Mogadishu.

Prime Minister and some members of his cabinet spoke to the largest crowd held in Mogadishu for a long time, which was organized by Mogadishu city district leaders together with Banadir regional administration. The rally was to show solidarity with the London conference co-hosted by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahamud, and attended by fifty-five countries and partners of Somalia. The conference aims to provide coordinated support to Somalia on four key areas; political stability, improving security, justice reforms and public financial management.

“London conference is historic and we are very hopeful of its outcome. The international community underlined its commitment to provide coordinated and sustained support for the implementation of our own plans to move Somalia forward,” Prime Minster said expressing government support for the conference and expectations of the new partnership with international friends and partners.

Prime Minister stated the progress made on several fronts including; forming regional administrations and Somali Government’s Stabilisation Plan. He acknowledged the security and instability challenges facing the country, which are too tough for Somali to deal by itself.

“We need international support to strengthen government institutions that are at infant stage. We also need resources to fight terrorists, pirates and perpetrators of sexual violence,” Prime Minister Said. “We want to see coordinated efforts towards finding Somali solutions to the Somali problems. London conference offers that opportunity and that is why we remain hopeful. We thank the British government for taking the lead and co-hosting the conference.”

Somali Interior Minister H. E. Abdikarim Hussein Gulled spoke at the rally as well and reiterated the Federal Government’s view that security is the essential prerequisite for further progress in all other spheres. Gulled called upon the international friends and partners at the London conference to offer more support on Somali policing efforts. He also, noted the Federal Government’s commitment to fulfill its obligations to provide safeguards to protect human rights and respect international obligations.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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