Mogadishu: Appointment of Abdul Fattah Shaaweey as Deputy Head of Immigration and Naturalization Department

MOGADISHU-Somalia: The Office of the Somali Minister of Security Mohammed Abu Bakr Aslou issued a new decree this morning appointing Abdel Fattah Ibrahim Omar Shaaweey as deputy head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

In recent years, Shawi has been in charge of several former Somali governments. He was appointed under the leadership of Hassan Sheikh, deputy governor of Banader province.

The sources reported by the local media that Shawi was recently deputy head of the Somali intelligence department of the province of Benadir.

The appointment of Shaaweey for the new post under the many adjustments have been made by the Somali federal government headed by Mohammed Abdullah Farmaajo since taking over the country.

By Bashiir Addow Ahmed


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