Somalia: Al-shabaab’s Amniyat Intelligence killed air strike

News from Badhaadhe area Drone strike in lower Jubba region caused the death of  senior Al-Shabaab in that region.

Reports From Wadajir Era, tells that strike caused the death of Abuu Hasaan, Al-shabaab’s Amniyat Intelligence head.

Senior officers said, during the air attack Abu Hasaan was his  Land Cruiser Car.

Two of Abu Hasaan’s body guard was among those who died the air Strike.

The leader of Al-Shabab named last year  Abu Hassaan Amniyat intelligence head, but lastly last night they surrounded his body.

No one has so far claimed responsibility for that attack on Abu Hassaan, and also there is no information from Alshabaab group.

Duqeyn diyaaradeed


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