London: My Mission to Unite Somali Clans

Adam MatanAdam Matan left Somalia to escape the clan violence that split his community, but when he arrived in London he found the same divisions in the Somali community there. Now, as founder of the Anti-Tribalism Movement in London, he campaigns against clan conflict wherever he finds it.

Two years ago, Yoo Gyoung-Geun’s daughter was killed when a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea, in an accident which claimed 304 lives. Now, he’s campaigning to find the truth behind South Korea’s worst peacetime disaster.
When Indian tent seller Ravi Jindal found out that his tents were being used to host marriages involving children, he immediately jumped into action. Now he’s started a remarkable campaign against child marriage.
Peggy Shaw was a celebrated dancer and performance artist, until a stroke she suffered five years ago nearly ended her career. Now she’s back on the stage, with a personal performance about her recovery.



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