London: Abdirashid Khadar denies murder of wife Amal Abdi in Bristol

2016619636018998974467684_90000580_hi033518511A jealous husband stabbed his estranged wife to death after she told him she wanted a divorce, a court has heard.

Amal Abdi, 21, died after she was attacked with several knives at Longlands House in the Barton Hill area of Bristol, on 26 July last year.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court was told Abdirashid Khadar lured his wife to their marital home and stabbed her after she had demanded a divorce.

Shortly after, the 22-year-old called police and confessed to killing her.
Mr Khadar denies murder and instead admits manslaughter on grounds of loss of control.
The couple, who were from Somalia, married in 2010.

The court heard that on the day she died, Mrs Abdi told her cousin that Mr Khadar was “getting on her nerves and was jealous”, said Kate Brunner, prosecuting.

She was going to tell her family and then tell him: “I don’t want you anymore.”

‘Horrifying scene’

But Mr Khadar sent his wife a text message saying: “Honey, come and see me at home.”

When she refused, he told her his family were visiting and he wanted her to tidy their flat in the Barton Hill area of Bristol.

Ms Brunner told the court that after the attack, Mr Khadar took officers back to the property where they found Mrs Abdi lying in a pool of blood.

She said: “Police went into the flat. They were greeted by a horrifying scene.

“They discovered the body of Amal Abdi in the living room, lying curled up in a pool of blood with large wounds on her neck.”

Police recovered three knives from the scene and forensic tests showed the victim’s blood was on all of them.

Following his arrest, Mr Khadar asked detectives: “My wife, she okay?”

When told she had died, he replied: “Can you kill me?”

Mr Khadar admitted killing his wife immediately after the stabbing but claims a defence of manslaughter by loss of control.

The trial continues.

Source: BBC


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