Kismayo: Second day Somalia government delegation visit in Kismayo

A high level government delegation has visit second day in Kismayo.

The ministerial delegation left Mogadishu to meet with interim administration in Kismayo.

The two sides will discuss about security and military cooperation, according in reporter in Kismayo said.

The delegation meeting the elders and community in Kismayo, the discuss how the Jubba Land in make administration.

Min while, The interim Kismayo administrator, Sheikh Ahmed Madobe said that there is no conflict between his administration and the Somali federal government.

Madobe reported in media said there were recent disputes between them but is over now.

“We are in good terms with the federal government.” He said.

Among the delegation are Justice minister Abdullahi Ebyan, defense minister Abdihakim  Haji Mohamud Fiqi, interior minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled, and information minister Abdullahi Ilmog Hirsi.

By Correspond Midnimo  in Mogadishu


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