Kibaki urges KDF to support successor

The Kenya Defence Forces on Friday paid the out-going president Mwai Kibaki a ceremonious send-off to honor his service as the Commander in Chief during his term as the president of the Republic of Kenya.
Kibaki has been the Commander in Chief for ten years since 2002.In his speech, President Kibaki expressed his gratitude to the defence forces for their support to him and his government.

He also paid tribute to the KDF officers who gave their life in line of duty. He further acknowledged that Kenya has the best defence force in the region and Africa, appreciating their effort in liberating Somalia.

“I encourage you ( KDF) to maintain the high level of discipline and dedication you are renowned for,” Kibaki said.

The function was attended by the Minister for Defence Yusuf Haji.

Haji said that Kenyans will remember the many contributions made by the out-going president and wished him a blessed life.

Kenyans will remember that under Kibaki’s watch the military crossed to Somalia to hunt down Al-shabaab militants in late 2010 and kenya’s witnessed the defeat of the Sabaot Land Defence Forces in mount Elgon.

Kibaki also saw to it that Kenyans secured new Constitution and participated in the amendment of the controversial bills.

Kibaki will be remembered for his comical remarks.

Kibaki is expected to hand over power upon swearing –in of the new president of the republic of Kenya.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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