Kenyan police chief vows enhanced security despite terror attack

Kenyan police chief vows enhanced security despite terror attack
Kenyan police chief vows enhanced security despite terror attack

NAIROBI — Kenyan police chief said Sunday that security forces have intensified round the clock surveillance and have also foiled terror threats to ensure that the country is safe despite Sunday’s terror attack in Mombasa.

Police inspector general David Kimaiyo also said the police have launched investigations to establish the motive behind the killing of four worshipers in the coastal city of Mombasa which also left some 17 others injured.

“We have launched the investigations of what could be the motive behind the heinous act. Police are currently pursuing the attackers,” the police chief said in a statement issued in Nairobi late on Sunday.

“The police have been on high alert and we have been conducting intensive patrols and gathering information all over the country,” Kimaiyo said.

Kimaiyo’s remarks come after four worshipers were shot dead earlier in a terror attack. Three minors were among those in critical conditions amid fears that the death toll may rise because some of them had life threatening injuries.

Kimaiyo said the church attack was carried out by two unknown gunmen armed with AK-47 rifles who sprayed bullets randomly at worshippers at Kings Joyland church in Likoni, south of Mombasa.

“Unfortunately, four worshippers were killed and 17 others injured during the incident,” he added, noting that the police officers who were guarding the nearby JCC church rushed to the scene and exchanged gun fire with the attackers.

Kimaiyo said the two armed gunmen managed to escape to the nearby Majengo Mapya slum but the police recovered 36 rounds of ammunition at the scene.

He also said the security officers have successfully managed to intercept suspected terrorists and a vehicle loaded with powerful explosives in Mombasa due to vigilance and close coordination with members of the public who have volunteered information.

“I would like to inform all Kenyans that the police in coordination with other security agencies are doing everything possible to make the country safe,” said the police chief.

He also called on the public to be extra vigilant and share information of suspected persons via emergency call lines 999/112 or report to the nearest police station or any government agencies for necessary action.

“The police have taken security measures in place throughout the country and in particular at all key government installations and other buildings throughout the country to ensure that they are protected,” Kimaiyo said.

He directed the police and other security agencies to ensure that persons and vehicles entering or leaving buildings and even public service vehicles are screened thoroughly.

The enhanced security comes amid rising fears among communities living along the porous border with Somalia that the Islamist group Al-Shabaab was turning their frustration on innocent civilians in a series of revenge attacks due to the ongoing military offensive from African Union forces.

The police said they are concerned that most public facilities have lowered their security alertness, unlike two months ago when Kenya started pursuing Al-Shabaab.

Source: Xinhua


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