Kenya: William Ruto wants Amisom troops in Somalia expanded to stabilise security in Kenya

Kenya wants the Amisom troops in Somalia expanded to stabilize the country.Deputy President William Ruto said the instability in Somalia is piling pressure on Kenya’s security situation.

He spoke when he met Congo Brazzaville President Denis Sassou Nguesso and his Gabon counterpart Ali Bongo separately in their respective countries.

The leaders talked about the need to expand the African Union forces in Mogadishu to ensure the Horn of Africa country was stable.

“We need to stabilize Somalia fully because the continued absence of a stable government is piling a lot pressure on Kenya,” Mr Ruto said.

Kenya, he added, was facing challenges in respect to hosting a big number of refugees and terrorist attacks from the Al Shabaab.

Presidents Nguesso and Bongo respectively congratulated the Jubilee Government for winning the elections saying their governments will collaborate with Kenya on the issue of supporting the Africa Union (AU).

They supported a proposal that AU should give enough resources and personnel to stabilise Somalia so that refugees can relocate back to their country for Kenya to mange its security issues without external pressure.

The Deputy President while briefing the two leaders on Kenya’s role in ensuring peace in the region observed.

“The Somalia problem has compounded insecurity in Kenya with frequent attacks by the Al Shaabab and proliferation of small arms.”

The three countries also agreed to set up a climate change secretariat considering Congo and Gabon lie on the Congo Basin where there is the amazon.

Nairobi thanked both countries for supporting Kenya to host the UNEP.

The Deputy President later met Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Agriculture Minister.

The leaders discussed the possibility of setting up a fertilizer manufacturing plant in the continent in addition to intra Africa trade as a means of expanding economic activity to fight poverty.

Cheaper production of fertiliser will boost food production.


Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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