Kenya police kill two terror suspects

Two terror suspects were on Sunday morning shot and killed in Nairobi’s Githurai Kimbo estate.

The man and his wife were killed in a police raid that saw six police officers also injured during the operation when the suspects hurled four grenades at the police officers.

According Kasarani OCPD Augustine Nthumbi the suspects were planning to launch attacks in Nairobi.

The police were able to establish the name of the man as Felix Nyanganga Otuko while the woman’s name remained unknown.

“They were being monitored all through and yesterday then was their day when the officers came. The operation has taken more than 12 hours. These are people who were heavily armed,” Nthumbi told journalists at the scene next to the house where the two suspects have been residing.

“We have already recovered two hand grenades and they had expended four of them that were lobbed to the officers at different times. We also recovered 64 round of ammunition,” Nthumbi said.

The suspects had been using their eight month old girl whom they tried shield themselves from the police gun shots.

Nthumbi said this contributed to the long time taken by the officers in getting the two since the police did not want to harm the child.

“We have already made arrangements and transported the baby to Kasarani police station and then the OCS is going to make arrangement with the Child Welfare Association so that they can give refuge to the innocent baby,” the OCPD assured.

Nthumbi said the two terror suspects have lived at the Githurai flat for the last two months and were accosted by police after a tip off from the public.

“The officers appealed to those who were living inside this house to come out of the building. The rest complied except for the two.”

The bodies of the suspects have been moved to City Mortuary while the injured officers are receiving treatments in various hospitals and are said to be in a stable condition.

“These are suspected terrorists and we all know what they have been doing within Kenya. And you can see how they hide by living among the other members of the public,” he said.

Source: Capital FM, Kenya

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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