KENYA: Lenku strips 104 of citizenship

The citizenship of 104 individuals has been revoked because it was obtained fraudulently.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku yesterday said the group corruptly acquired registration documents between 2005 and 2010.

“We shall also be taking legal action against those who had irregularly acquired Kenyan Citizenship and also those who helped them acquire these vital documents,” he said.

Persons affected include 95 Indians, five Pakistanis, a Sri Lankan, a Tanzanian, a Ugandan and a Somali.
According to the law, the citizenship of an individual can be revoked if it was acquired through fraud, false representation or concealment of facts.

It can also be revoked if the person has, within five years after registration, been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment for more than three years.

The government, at the same time, announced the formation of an inter-ministerial security systems committee to be chaired by Mr Lenku.

The team will oversee the upgrading of technology as a tool for combating crime.

Former Information and Communication Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo will head the technical committee.

Mr Lenku said the government was embracing modern technology to stop criminals.

“The border entry points in the country are at this moment linked through broadband, which ensures that data to and from these points can be accessed in real time.”

He said the next phase would include installation of CCTV cameras at the country’s points of entry and major cities.

The minister also announced that the government was digitising all its security registries, including the Occurrence Books, birth certificates, identity cards, passports and work permits.

“This will significantly eliminate incidence of fraud and corruption in the system,” he added.

He regretted that some of those who have illegally acquired Kenyan citizenship had turned out to be criminals and vowed to take action against immigration officers involved.

Mr Lenku whose ministry was listed among the most corrupt in government vowed to kick out all corrupt individuals working under him.

“The firing of 15 immigration officials last month, the revocation of these 104 citizenship documents and the use of technology are all important steps in cleaning up the ministry,” he said.

He also pledged to initiate amendments of laws on bail and bonds.

Source: Daily Nation


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