Kenya should consider pulling out of Somalia

The Somalia ambassador Mohamed Nur Ali has returned to Nairobi
The Somalia ambassador Mohamed Nur Ali has returned to Nairobi

LAST month the Somalia ambassador to Nairobi, Mohamed Ali Nur, was recalled to Mogadishu.The Star later exclusively reported that the appointment of a Kenyan consul in Kismayu had upset Somalia. It looked like Kenya was joining a carve-up of Somalia.

The Somalia government was also unhappy that Kenya sent a delegation to Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, to discuss opening a consulate there.

Now Nur has returned to Nairobi saying that Kenya apologised and agreed to only open consulates with the approval of the Somalia government.

The KDF invaded southern Somalia in September 2012 and eventually captured Kismayu with the help of the Ras Kamboni militia.

The Kenyan incursion was eventually legitimised by absorption into Amisom but many Somalis still believe that Kenya wants to annex Jubaland.

Hopefully this diplomatic spat is now resolved but Kenya still needs to be more sensitive.

Legally African countries should not send peacekeepers to their neighbours, to avoid accusations of meddling in their internal affairs.

If the KDF made a phased withdrawal from Amisom, so that another country could take over in Jubaland, it would restore the confidence of the Somali government. It would also free up Kenya troops to secure the border against al Shabaab.

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