Kenya: arrest the of cleric supported Al-Shabab

Kenyan police have arrested a Muslim cleric on a UN sanctions list over his alleged support of an Al-Qaeda-linked militant group in

Sheikh Hassan Hussein Adan by Known (Abu Suleiman) which was accused in a July UN report of financially assisting Al-Shabab yesterday arrest in Kenya.

The media of Al-Shabab said the Hassan was captured by police when he come back his book Shop for Daarul Xadtiih.

Sheik Hassan  is also accused of supporting al-Qaeda-linked militants. United States of supporting alShabab – the armed group that Kenya’s military have been on Monday after an arrest warrant was issued against him last week.

The police no speak the behind of the arrest Sheikh Xassan, Kenya has issued a terror alert and increased security in Nairobi.Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki said Thursday the government will pursue Al-Shabab and their sympathizers both in and outside of Kenya. Some officials say the Somali group has its logistical hub in Kenya.

By: Correspond Midnimo in Nairobi



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