Jubilation, then tragedy, for Mogadishu press this week

Jubilation, then tragedy, for Mogadishu press this week

Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Consultant

“He’s free! He’s free!” a friend of mine from Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, shouted down the phone line on Sunday. For a fleeting second I did not know whom he referred to, given thehigh number of journalists imprisoned in the Horn region of Africa-but then it dawned on me: Abdiaziz Abdinuur had finally found justice. The 25-year-old freelance reporter was arrestedon January 10 in Mogadishu for the most incomprehensible alleged crime: conducting an interview.

“Interviewing an alleged victim of rape got me in prison,” Abdiaziz told international broadcaster Al-Jazeera soon after he was released. “The interview that got me in prison was not even published. I didn’t do anything wrong. As a journalist it is my job to interview people.” He said he shared his cell with about 40 others.
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