Italian Ambassador Somalia Supports Puntland’s Offensive Against Terrorists

Garowe — Italian Ambassador to Somalia Andrea Mazzella, issued a statement supporting Puntland’s fight against Al Shabaab terrorists in the Golis Mountain Ranges, Garowe Online reports.

In a press statement released on Thursday, Ambassador Mazzella expressed his concern regarding “infiltration of the Galgala mountains by Al Shabaab” and support for Puntland’s initiative against the terrorists.

“Italy will continue to provide assistance to the Puntland Authorities, through the appropriate stabilization programs and by supporting the security sector,” read the press release.

Al Shabaab fighters attacked a Puntland defense post in Sugurre town near the foothills of Galgala earlier this month. The attack killed two soldiers and coincided with a landmine attack that killed 10 more soldiers near Sugurre town in Bari region.

Puntland authorities quickly began an incursion on Al Shabaab controlled villages deep in the Golis Mountains, where the terrorist organization has infiltrated after allied forces’ gains on Al Shabaab territories in southern Somalia.

Last week Puntland commandos captured medical outposts that Al Shabaab were using in Dudun and El Dibir 45 kms from Galgala town.

Ambassador Mazzella sent his condolences to the families of the victims in the attack by Al Shabaab.

The Puntland defense forces suppressed an Al Shabaab insurgency In 2010, after a 2-month battle in the Golis Mountains dubbed the Galgala campaign.

Ambassador Mazzella commended Puntland for their repeated efforts to fight terrorism in their regions, the Puntland government has suppressed terrorist groups without the use of foreign troops.

“Puntland Government has shown the greatest determination and spirit of sacrifice in order to fight terrorism in the region,” read the press release.

Puntland authorities have stated that they are continuing the offensive on Al Shabaab in the Golis Mountains until the threat is eradicated.

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