I Was Threatened and Blackmailed By Kamal Gutale the Cheif Stafff State Says Somalia’s Resigned Central Bank Governor

Yusurra Abraar oo ka hadashay sababihii ay isku casishay
Yusurra Abraar oo ka hadashay sababihii ay isku casishay

A week after her resignation Yusra Abrarar the former central bank governor said she was threatened and blackmailed by Kamal Gutale and Hussein Idow the State chief staff and his deputy .

“They were trying to force me to sign contracts and corruption deals which encouraged my resignation” she said according to different sources close to the Yusra

“He call me and I don’t knew him saying ,this is Kamal Gutale the chief staff of the state want to see you , I meet him at jazeera hotel where I was staying in Mogadishu “Said Abrar .

According to Diplomats in Nairobi after the meeting and discussion she fears and decided to resign following threats from the state chief and his deputy.

Somalia’s central bank governor has resigned less than two months into the job, citing pressure to authorize improper deals, diplomats said following her resignation.

“These men are very close to the president the chief staff and his deputy and they using incredible power ” said different media sources in the country.

The Resignation of Yussur Abrar,as first woman to engage the position, is a bluster to foreign donors pumping billions of dollars in aid money into Somalia .

Abdisatar Ali a senior Somali Diplomat in Nairobi Told Radio Dalsan that the resignation of Abrar had rattled donors who have said cleaner management of public finances is very important to securing a fragile economic recovery, debt relief and budget support.

So far the Somali government silent on resignation of the Central Bank Governor .

Abrar predecessor , Abdislaam Omar , quit early September after UN monitors linked him to irregularities regarding millions of dollars withdrawn from the Central Bank Although Abdisalam denied the allegations.

Somalia ranked the most corrupt country in the world according to the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Source: All Africa


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