Somalia: President Hassan Lays Out over illegal fishing and illegal waste dumping.

Mogadishu, 01 May 2013: The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud made a visit to a fish factory in Mogadishu, to highlight the need for Somalia to exploit its own natural resources and encourage those businesses who are investing and creating jobs for young Somalis. The Minister of Natural Resources, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, accompanied the President.

In a recorded speech presented to the international community in New York today, the President has “put the world on notice” over illegal fishing, illegal waste dumping and the disregard for Somalia’s territorial waters.

The President said that the government will stand up for its people and demand that the international community formally recognize its territorial waters under international maritime law, and helps Somalia to protect them, so that highly lucrative fish and oil and gas assets can begin to generate revenues for the country and the people.

The President was delighted to visit a small part of Somalia’s regenerating fishing industry and thanked the Somali Fishing Company for establishing this mini factory and encouraged them to set an example for the generation of sustainable and profitable jobs.

The Somali National Fishing Company, which works throughout South and Central of Somalia, started up in February 2012, by Director, Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan and benefits around 20,000 families and takes fish from around a thousand small boats. The factory processes Groupers & Snappers, King Fish, Swordfish, Tuna Fish and Lobster for export.

The President emphasized the urgent need for countries and rogue vessels to stop illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping and to bring to justice those responsible. The President re-iterated that the best solution for this menace is to build a Somali Coast Guard, so that they can protect their waters. But that while security capacity is improving, the international vessels already patrolling the coast of Somalia should be tasked to protect Somalia’s waters and enforce maritime law.

On the occasion of the 1st May, the President congratulated the factory workers for their hard-work, resilience and patience. The President thanked Somali laborers for their nationalism and for working under such difficult conditions. The President said that the government will do every thing it can to improve conditions for workers and asked private firms to ensure that their workers receive full rights and protection, so that they can produce more to help the country.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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