FIFA delegation shows satisfaction at the end of Djibouti tour [Press release]

FIFA delegation members in a meeting with Djibouti football Federation executive committee
FIFA delegation members in a meeting with Djibouti football Federation executive committee

A high profile delegation of four strong development officers from the world football governing body FIFA has concluded a five-day long assessment trip to the horn of African football growing nation of Djibouti declaring their satisfaction with the tangible football progress and commitment of FDF authorities.

During the historical visit, the strong FIFA delegation held meetings with Djibouti Football Federation officials, key government ministers, sports media and club authorities.

In a press statement issued at the Djibouti Football Federation headquarters here in the capital Djibouti on Saturday, President Souleiman Hassan Waberi, himself a FIFA commissioner has outlined the importance of the FIFA delegation visit to his country and what has been done during their stay in the country between 13th -17th of May.

“It was on 13th of May when the Djibouti Football Federation (FDF) welcomed at its premises a delegation of four memnbers from FIFA to launch the “PERFORMANCE” in the FIFA program to improve capabilities of FDF in technical, administrative, communication and marketing, as well as governance” president Souleiman said in his press statement Saturday.

The visit was the first of its kind by such FIFA delegation to Djibouti and was part of the FIFA Performance program which the world body carries out in every affiliated nation when a new football federation president comes to power in a bid to assess the ongoing football development programs, how its secretariat and sub committees do accomplish their day-to-day office duties.

The performance program also aims to assess the cooperation between federations and governmental authorities in particularly the cooperation with the ministry for youth and sports.

The presidential statement declared the FIFA delegation members as Mr. Francesco Bruscoli – Program Director for Africa, Mr. Diamil Faye-Performance Consultant and Coordinator for Djibouti, Mr. Malouche Belhassen, FIFA Instructor and Mr. Oliver Jung, project coordinator for Africa.

“After a detailed analysis of the current situation of football in Djibouti and its management, the FIFA delegation has declared to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the administration’s efforts and achievements of the National Technical Director and commissions such as women’s soccer, beach competitions or commissions disciplines and remedies that have produced a very productive work” president Souleiman Hassan Waberi noted in his press statement Saturday.

FIFA Delegation and FDF authorities visit the Guelleh Batal GR FA headquarters.jpg

During meetings with business partners, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports   sport Mr. Badoul Hassan Badoul and the Minister of Education Dr Djama Elmi okieh  the FIFA delegation has also confirmed their interest, as well as private sector leaders to support the promotion and development of football in Djibouti.

The statement added that the high level FIFA delegation also held a plenty of meetings with football club authorities and key local football players to have a real idea of the current difficulties and measure untapped potential.

Moreover, during the work of synthesis of 17 May, the FIFA delegation has long traded with the director of the FDF Committee before a long series of recommendations is adopted.

These recommendations include:

1-    The need to reform, from the 2013-2014 season to the championship of the cadets. The teams first and second division will integrate well, for starters, U15 and U 17 teams in their structure and participate in the new league to be launched by the FDF;

2-    Urged the state to financially support the development of football in Djibouti especially in support of national teams.

3-    The FDF is asked to implement initiatives to attract private funds to meet its growing needs and this requires communication strategies and marketing.

4-    A recommendation was also made for the establishment by 2014 of national league competitions to manage the first second and third divisions.

5-    The delegation urged local media to do a better coverage of local competitions and activities being done by FDF to support the current efforts of the FDF.

6-    Finally, FIFA members said they were very delighted with the cooperation between FDF and the Radio & Television of Djibouti which intends to sign a partnership agreement with the FDF for better visibility of Football.

President Souleiman Middle in the front row with FIFA officials as FDF executive committee members stand in the back row.jpg

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