Eu Stetment on the Transitional Federal Parliarment

The EU Heads of Mission in Nairobi issue the following statement:

The EU is aware of the developments in the Transitional Federal Parliament and the apparent removal of the Speaker. We are seeking further assessment of the situation. To that end we strongly support the joint mission to Mogadishu by senior representatives from the UN, AU and IGAD and await their findings.

Our primary concern remains the timely implementation of the Roadmap and the ongoing commitment of the Somali signatories to its delivery. The political instability and uncertainty caused by this event has the potential to complicate this. It also violates both the spirit and the letter of the Kampala Accord, which was unanimously approved by the Transitional Federal Institutions.

The EU expects the Transitional Federal Institutions and their leadership to remain unified and committed to the Roadmap and the Kampala Accord. A resumption of political infighting is unacceptable and is not in the interest of the Somali people, who continue to suffer from 20 years of conflict and one of the worst famines for a generation.
As the UN Security Council set out in May, the TFIs cannot assume that the support of the international community will continue indefinitely and we reiterate the international community’s willingness to consider sanctions against spoilers of the peace process.

The EU fully endorses the UN Secretary General’s position that a further extension of the transition would be untenable.
This statement is endorsed by Norway.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,