Djibouti FA president at FIFA Home, pledges to prioritize football in schools

The recently elected president of Djibouti football federation Mr. Souleiman Hassan waberi who is currently visiting the home of FIFA in Zurich accompanied by the small country’s minister for youth and sports Dr.Jama Elmi Okieh has held his first ever meeting with FIFA president as the head of his country’s football association Tuesday.

During the meeting Mr. Waberi has briefed FIFA president on the latest developments of football in Djibouti and his new policy to upgrade the influence of football across Djibouti and in particularly in the sectors of women’s football and football in schools.

“FIFA president has fully welcomed our new initiatives of promoting a real football in Djibouti and he affirmed to us that he will support our program in his capacity as president of FIFA—president Blatter has really admired at how successfully we have passed from months of lack of football leadership in Djibouti and he emphasized his commitment to help the progress of our football” President Souleiman Hassan Waberi told CECAFA Media on Tuesday.

He said that his federation with the assistance from the minister of Sport has recently drawn a special football in schools program which was fully welcomed by the ministry of education in Djibouti.

“ This is a special program what we intend to carry out in all schools across the country in a bid to hunt our future U-17 squad from the schools events which we will organize as soon as possible” president Souleiman told during a phone conversation with CECAFA media Tuesday.

“We have presented a full development program to FIFA which include plans to develop, Futsal, beach soccer, women’s football, coaching and the creation of future referees, because we want to increase the quality and the quantity of our referees and coaches too” president Souleiman added during phone conversation with CECAFA Media.

He said that football in Djibouti was previously grown from schools and that is why his federation is currently intended to prioritize schools soccer tournament. “We want to organize the schools football competitions for both boys and girls and it will be annual event” the president emphasized.

For his part Djibouti’s minister for youth and sport Dr.Jama Elmi Okieh said he was fully jubilant at the high level reception by President Blatter and other FIFA officials who showed a great support and admiration for the promotion of football in his country.

“Football is the a beautiful game and I personally call the football as the global game of the community so as a minister I promised in front of FIFA president that I will always be alongside the federation and will spend everything on the promotion of the beautiful game in my country” the minister confirmed to CECAFA Media Tuesday.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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